About Eco-Mastermelt

The ECO-Mastermelt Precious Metal Recovery Plant, is situated at ECO’s site in Tuas, Singapore.
Key service areas will include Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and India.
ECO-Mastermelt provides an advanced model of precious metal refining, based on transparency,
consistency and accuracy, delivering the best possible value for customers.

Our Key Service Areas

ECO Mastermelt Map

Thermal treatment, milling, sampling and melting

Analytical laboratory conducting precious metal settlements

Large treatment capacity

High security facility with automated material tracking

ECO-Mastermelt's Plant

The plant features state of the art equipment providing precious metal recovery services to Asia.

Eco Mastermelt Plant
Eco Mastermelt Plant
Eco Mastermelt Plant

Tuas, Singapore

  • Current group thermal treatment capacity in excess of 230 tonnes per month.
  • State of the art technology in thermal treatment of precious metal residues, sampling and assaying. Facilities approved and regularly audited by major global PGM refining partners.
  • Best Available Technology including proprietary IP protected processes transferred to Singapore.

Sustainable tailored approach

Our approach to business is to forge long term partnerships of trust with our key customers and end refiners. By working closely together on tailored and innovative solutions to the customer’s recycling challenges, we aim to achieve mutually beneficial, sustainable outcomes. 

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Committed to environmental
stewardship & responsible refining

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Financially secure

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Ability to treat a wide range of materials


Mastermelt is a leading global precious metal recycling company, with cutting-edge technology recycling facilities in the UK, Germany, the USA and Singapore. Mastermelt recovers precious metals from industrial waste streams, jewellery, manufacturing scrap and end of life products, thus playing a key role in the sustainable circular economy.

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ECO is one of Singapore’s leading waste management companies. Their advanced waste management facilities provide one stop, customised and hassle free solutions to handle waste safely and efficiently.
ECO’s success is built upon their commitment to maintain close business partnerships with customers.

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