Precious Metal Recovery
In Asia

About ECO-Mastermelt

Eco Mastermelt was established as a Joint venture between Mastermelt Ltd and ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd to provide precious metal recovery services to customers in Asia.  Commissioned in 2017, our advanced recycling facility in Singapore includes a wide range of precious metal reclamation and analysis technologies.  ECO-Mastermelt provides an innovative model of precious metal refining, based on transparency, consistency and accuracy, delivering the best possible value for customers.

Mastermelt is a leading global precious metal recycling company, with cutting-edge technology recycling facilities in the UK, Germany, the USA and Singapore. Mastermelt recovers precious metals from industrial waste streams, jewellery, manufacturing scrap and end of life products, thus playing a key role in the sustainable circular economy.

ECO is one of Singapore’s leading waste management companies, providing a range of specialized and environmentally sound solutions to major international companies, local business, and government. Eco’s advanced waste management facilities provide one stop, customised and hassle free solutions to handle waste safely and efficiently.

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Here to make a positive impact.

At Eco-Mastermelt, we are dedicated to upholding our leadership in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices, with a strong emphasis on sustainability.
Our commitment involves the ongoing evaluation of our environmental and social performance, allowing us to develop and implement strategic plans that foster sustainable advancements.