About ECO-Mastermelt

In November 2015 Mastermelt Ltd joined ECO Special Waste Management Pte Ltd in a new venture to provide precious metal recovery services in Asia, and ECO-Mastermelt Pte Ltd was born.

The strong synergy between Mastermelt’s precious metals expertise and ECO’s waste management facilities and experience, enables ECO-Mastermelt to provide an industry leading service to Asia.

ECO-Mastermelt will provide an advanced model of precious metal refining, based on transparency, consistency and accuracy, delivering the best possible value for customers.

Our Plant

The ECO-Mastermelt Precious Metal Recovery Plant, completed in October 2016 is situated at ECO’s site in Tuas, Singapore.

The plant features state of the art equipment providing precious metal recovery services to Asia.

Current group thermal treatment capacity in excess of 230 tonnes per month.
State of the art technology in thermal treatment of precious metal residues, sampling and assaying.
Facilities approved and regularly audited by major global PGM refining partners.
Best Available Technology including proprietary IP protected processes transferred to Singapore.

Environmental Responsibility
We are proud of its record of investment in plant and controls to meet and exceed current and future planned environmental legislation.
We believe in environmental sustainable development both within the within the company and as importantly for our customers. 
We offer assistance to customers moving hazardous goods not only in the UK but across international borders.
Our policy is to minimise waste both from our own and customer operations by maximising our recovery processes.
All required licenses are in place for the Tuas facility,
with ISO 14001 & 9001 in application.

About ECO

ECO is the largest specialised industrial waste company in Singapore, operating out of a single, integrated Special Waste Management Centre, comprised of nine main treatment and recovery facilities, on a 7 hectare plot of land.

ECO provide a range of high quality, reliable services to over 2,000 industrial and commercial customers from the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and oil and gas industries, to companies operating in the power generation, electronics, marine, engineering, and semiconductor sectors.

ECO has a workforce of over 250 dedicated staff.

ECO operate a fleet of more than 30 waste collection vehicles and over 200 ISO tankers, open top containers, compactors, vacuum tankers, and other systems. This is to facilitate the prompt and safe collection of customers’ waste.

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About the Mastermelt Group

Each member of the Group’s senior management has at least 20 years experience working in the precious metal recycling industry.

The Group’s UK and US recycling facilities are approved sampling sites for Johnson Matthey and are ISO accredited.

The Group has developed proprietary processes to maximise the recovery of precious metal to the customer. This technology is in the actual processing, sampling and environmental controls, required to meet existing and future legislation.

The Mastermelt Group is the largest incinerator of materials containing precious metals, in the USA.

The Group is also one of the largest incinerators of materials containing precious metals, in Europe.

Due to increasing volumes the Group is currently expanding the UK site to increase incineration capacity by 40%.

The Chairman, Robert Davis, is a Chartered Environmentalist and is committed to Responsible Refining.

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