ECO-Mastermelt process a wide range of diverse materials, ranging from solutions to plated scrap.

Our services include:

  • Advise on capturing total values from waste streams and how to best segregate for the refining process
  • Supply suitable containers to collect waste streams and scraps
  • Regular secure collections
  • Basket cleaning
  • Install, service and maintain precious metal recovery systems to capture values from very low ppm concentrations in rinse waters
  • Install, service and maintain electroplating units for recovery of precious metals from drag out solutions


Our sites are licensed to treat the following materials:

  • Au & Ag cyanide solutions
  • PGM solutions and plating baths
  • Ion exchange resins and scavengers
  • Wipes and filters
  • Precious metal coatings on jigging wires and components
  • Au & Ag plated scrap
  • Spent anodes
  • Pt,Pd,Rh plated scrap

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