ECO-Mastermelt operate recovery processes designed to treat the various residues arising from the Chemical industry.

Our services include:

  • Thermal ore treatment processes designed to manage a range of materials including spent catalysts, filter media, filter socks and filters from secondary catchment systems.
  • Plant cleaning services from which the sludge and slurry residues containing precious metals are recovered.

To ensure our customers receive maximum value from their precious metal recovery, ECO–Mastermelt utilise state of the art processing technology which is un-paralleled in the region.


Our sites are licensed to treat the following materials:

  • Spent PGM on carbon or celite catalyst residues
  • Catchment filters contaminated with PGM catalyst
  • PGM residues from the nitric acid industry
  • Wipes impregnated with precious metals
  • Ion exchange resin beds
  • PGM residues from the chloro alkali industry
  • PGM recovery from membranes
  • Liquid phase PGM catalyst residues
  • PGM on alumina/silica catalysts
  • Thermocouple wire

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